Understanding the Different Printing Services Available
Printing Service (PS) is a service that helps companies save on printing costs. Printing costs are a major overhead expense for most businesses. The time and money saved can then be used to increase company revenue or improve employee productivity. The majority of printers offer this service, although not all do. If you do not have a PS plan it may be a wise idea to compare prices before selecting the printer you need. Here are some of the things you should consider when comparing printers with a PS plan:
Cost - Printing Service is generally faster than conventional paper printing. Hence, you can free up valuable time in your busy day without sacrificing quality. Self-service printing services perform just that by allowing you to order physical print materials online, usually from your home or work office. Print services also offer you the ability to pick from an inventory of pre-printed materials, including business cards, flyers, brochures, manuals, and more.
Types of Printing Services at http://bigtprinting.com/- There are various types of printing services available depending on your needs and budget. Some printers offer digital printing services where the image is directly fed into a digital press. The printout is then made onto a durable stock that can be folded and kept. Other printers offer offset printing services that print on durable paper that can be stacked or framed. Then there are also lithography and bonding printing services that use a coated paper to print the images on. There is a plethora of other printing services such as digital scanning and fax printing.
Printing Processes -PS services typically use the following basic printing process: offset printing, web printing, and offset web printing. All three processes use one or more computerized machines to create high quality prints. The following is more information on each of these different printing processes to give you an idea of the overall printing process. After reading this article you should have a better understanding of how each type of printing service works.
Offset Printing - This is often referred to as "digital printing" because it does not use ink and paper. Instead it uses electronic images that are electronically transferred from a computer to a smooth surface such as offset paper or canvas. To ensure that the finished piece is of the highest quality, the original image file is digitally corrected by the printer. Many small to mid-sized printers specialize in this kind of service.
Web Printing - This is done on a website or within an e-commerce environment. This is a growing trend with many companies that are looking for cost effective and high quality print products. Many web printers offer affordable professional printing services that can be customized to meet any specific client. As you learn about the different types of professional printing services, you will begin to understand which one is best for your company.Learn more about printing at https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Printing